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This is the recipe for what I do when the ants invade – I’ve tried so many things but this is very simple, non-toxic & really works:

400ml white vinegar
100ml water (approx)
15ml dish liquid (1 metric Tablespoon)
5 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
5 drops clove bud essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
A 500ml sprayer bottle

1) Pour 400ml white vinegar into the spray bottle
2) Pour 15ml dish liquid into a (30ml size) shot glass, add the essential oils, mix together well with a toothpick or matchstick
3) Add 15ml water to the shot glass & mix well, then pour into the vinegar spray bottle
4) Add the remainder of the water, put the sprayer lid onto the bottle & shake well to mix together

1) Spray the ants liberally with the mix making sure that the sprayer has a fine mist
2) Leave for about 30 seconds – spritz again if any start moving
3) Wipe up the dead ants with paper towels, put them into a plastic bag, tie it well & straight into the trash outside

– Be careful not to leave the sprayed mix sitting for long periods on plastics or varnished/painted surfaces – you can wipe it off with a damp cloth if need be – even try a test patch in an inconspicuous area prior to letting loose on the ants
– The vinegar & dish detergent will kill the ants
– The essential oils will deter other ants & prevent them from following the trail that the previous ants left
– The dish detergent helps to disperse the essential oils evenly throughout the vinegar & water mix – so that they don’t just sit on the surface, as essential oils have a tendency to do
– I also use this mix in the shower to deter mould
– Find the entry point & seal it so that they can’t get in – they may find another way in but you can repeat the process & they just give up

If you don’t have the essential oils for my recipe, you could also make a decoction of clove buds & cinnamon sticks with an infusion of peppermint leaves in the original base formula. Just put the ingredients (minus the peppermint leaves) into a small saucepan on the stove & bring it to a light boil, turn it down to a very low simmer for about 10min then turn off the heat & add the peppermint leaves. Stir well, put the lid on the saucepan, and leave it to cool down to room temp. When completely cooled (to room temp), strain out the herbs & pour into your spray bottle. Don’t forget to add the dish detergent now, it helps the vinegar to kill the ants. You may have less than 500ml because of evaporation, but it will still work.

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